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Rules of Practice of the Supreme Court of Ohio

  • » Rule 1.2 (Pro Hac Vice Admission)
  • » Rule 2.2 (Institution of Appeal from Court of Appeals)
  • » Rule 8.5 (Number and Form of Copies)
  • » Rule 18.3 (Preparation of Certification Order; Notice of Filing)

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Beginning Jan. 1, 2011, out-of-state attorneys seeking permission to appear pro hac vice in an Ohio proceeding must first register with the Supreme Court Office of Attorney Services. Online pro hac vice registration is now available. After an out-of-state attorney completes the registration requirements and receives a Certificate of Pro Hac Vice Registration, the attorney must file a Motion for Permission to Appear Pro Hac Vice with the tribunal. If the out-of-state attorney receives permission to appear pro hac vice in an Ohio proceeding, the attorney must notify the Office of Attorney Services. The Notice of Permission to Appear Pro Hac Vice may be filed through the online registration system.

(Registration, File Notices of Permission to Appear, Registration Renewal)

Instructions for Online Pro Hac Vice Registration
NOTE: If you have a case before the Supreme Court of Ohio, please see Rule 1.2 of the Supreme Court Rules of Practice

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